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With a rich history of gurukuls, India has always kept teachers at the place of God. Teaching has always been considered one of the honoured and stable careers.

It is believed that if you have to make a change for good in a nation, you have to start early in youth, especially with education.

Thus, people have always encouraged the value of education among all. And what better way to preach it than by promoting teaching itself as a profession.

Now though, for the gift of education, a teacher is never fully repaid. It is still essential for them to be compensated appropriately with not just honour but also monetarily.

In India, the approximate average salary, even in the private sector, is 4 LPA. Let us find out in this article more about teaching as a profession.

University Professor Salary In India: College Wise

If you ask someone what is more important in career, money or stability, many people will choose stability. If you plan on teaching professionally, which institution you are hired with will account for your career stability.

So just like any other career, choosing the right company or educational institution, in this case, would be very critical. How your salaries may vary with different institutions are as follow:-

Name of College/Company

Average Annual Salary (INR)


20.22 L

University of Delhi

7.62 L

Amity University

9.78 L

Chandigarh University

6.98 L


17.68 L

Sharda University

12.10 L

BITS Pilani

16.88 L

Now, teaching in any institution would be noble and important. Still, it is okay to look for more stability and leap towards success, especially when it comes to your career.

Salary of a Professor: Experience Wise

Professor Salary In India | College Wise | Experience Wise (1)

Whether it is life in general or any job, you grow with time and gain more knowledge. You also make fewer mistakes and get ready for more responsibilities; thus, you can grow to higher designations and better pay over time.

As quoted, “there is no better teacher than time.”

The statement stands for itself, even for a teacher, and can be observed in numbers as well.

Years of Experience

Average Salary Per Year

0 to 2 years


3 to 10 years


10 to 20 years


20 years and above


There are multiple benefits of sticking to a particular job not just monetarily, but it helps you get better loyalty benefits and more stability career-wise. It is true in teaching as a profession too clearly.

Salary of a Professor: Designation Wise

Professor Salary In India | College Wise | Experience Wise (2)

Designation is vital in developing the much-needed hierarchy in any organisation; it is rewarding and encourages people to take leaps and be more productive. A higher designation means more responsibilities and accountability.

Thus, a pay increase is observed by analysing data.


Average Annual Salary (INR)

Assistant Professor

5.20 L

Associate Professor

8.96 L


13.24 L


11.20 L

Senior Professor

22.67 L

We can see how rewarding, especially monetarily, a promotion in designation can be. Thus, always welcome newer opportunities and responsibilities at any stage of your career and leap for success.

Salary of a Professor: City Wise

Cost of living for any set standard can differentiate with change in cities; even the cost of fulfilling basic requirements is not the same. Then how can there be the same wages? It is neither fair nor possible. It can be observed in the data analysis of the various cities.

There are several other reasons for a different pay; some are as follows:-

  • Demand for professors, a town with more colleges would have a higher demand for professors as well; thus, the pay as well may vary.

  • Government policies on a fixed pay scale can also lead to a pay gap among cities. Such policies, though, usually affect only public centre institutes.

Name of the Cities

Average Annual Salary


6.78 L


4.3 L


4.32 L


6.20 L


7.89 L


6.05 L

Salary of a Professor: Qualification Wise

Professor Salary In India | College Wise | Experience Wise (3)

The word qualification itself means knowledge or skill acquired with certification. Thus, the more you are qualified, the more your pay grade would be.

This statement is universally true regardless of the industry unless you apply for a job you are overqualified for; such is noticed in educational institutes too.


Average Salary Package (INR)

Post graduation

4.23 L


6.62 L


8.91 L

Post Doctorate

16.45 L

Looking at the above table, it can be observed that your pay grade varies with your qualifications; there are some other aspects of your qualification that were not considered; they are as follow:-

  1. The credibility of the institute from which you acquired your certification

  2. The grade you scored in that certification

Job Roles Of A Professor

Professors have different job responsibilities depending on their designation and type of institute they work for.

With the vast amount of professional responsibilities, they are also accountable For moulding the building blocks of the nation with proper education. Some of the wide range of roles they perform are as follows:-

  • Developing study material and strategising the right curriculum for the most efficient learning.

  • A professor needs to attend academic field studies, Publish new research, and meet others in the academia field.

  • Mentorship of young aspiring assistants or lecturers is a must as the baton of knowledge is a must shared.

  • Monitoring the student recruitment process and counselling them throughout their academic period to put them on the right path.

  • As quoted, “Change is the only constant” there is always a need for updates in the education-related policies, syllabus, and teaching methods. Professors are highly counted upon to make those improvements.

Professor Salary In India | College Wise | Experience Wise (4)


On thoroughly discussing career opportunities as a professor for someone who is already one or aspiring to be in India. We saw it as not only a promising one economically, but we also found it to be a stable one.

We also keenly dealt with the various aspects and challenges that may account for your professional growth and success and it is seen that with the right qualification and strategy, you can achieve a greater good in your professional life.

We in detail discussed the various variables affecting your pay grade as a professor and it puts you way ahead of the average pay grade in the country on every single variable.

If you are aspiring to pursue the field of teaching, we can assure you that there is no profession better than that. Not only is it a noble job, you’d be able to empower the youth of the country with knowledge and training to become anything and everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the PHD Professor salary in India?

Salary of a PhD Professor varies from 6.26 LPA to 17.52 LPA, depending on their hiring Institute.

Q2: Which professor has the highest salary in India?

The highest salary earned by a professor is given by FIITJEE institute. It is a coaching centre for medical and engineering students. The average salary of a professor in India is 5-6 lakhs per year.

However, the highest paid professor can earn up to 27.8 lakhs per year.

Q3: Is Professor a promising career in India?

Professor might be one of the best career choices in India as not only is it well compensated but considered noble and respected. Other than the compensation there are a lot of benefits of being a professor in India.

  1. Educating
    Many PhDs opt to work in academia because they enjoy teaching. Few other occupations provide the same possibilities to have such a long-term impact on the lives of pupils.
  2. Student Mentoring
    Many academics find mentoring students to be a very satisfying aspect of their work. They take delight in assisting their pupils in their professional development and career advancement.
  3. Pursue Your Passions
    When you work in academia, you have the freedom to choose what you want to investigate and to lead a team to accomplish so. You're also in charge of your project's finance (though it's also your duty to get it).
  4. Have Control Over Your Time
    Academics have the same freedom as everyone else in terms of how they spend their time. Professors and researchers, aside from their teaching responsibilities, have the freedom to choose which projects they focus on each day and when they work on them.

    Academics can spend their time when they choose and on the projects where they can bring the most value because they are not bound by the traditional nine-to-five job schedule.

  5. Always do what you enjoy
    You've probably heard the phrase "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." It's almost as though we're discussing academics.

    Other careers may only allow you to work on something that truly interests you for a few hours each day, but as an academic, you can spend your whole research time exploring your passions.

  6. Independence
    Academic occupations have substantially less control than business or industry jobs. Only in administrative terms do you have a boss as an academic. You don't have to report to anyone in your daily life. You are in charge of your own business.
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